Chocolate connoisseur:

Pure dark chocolate in slabs.
I am a big fan of chocolate from "Chocolate BONNAT". Their dark Gand Cru chocolates are wonderful, there are 8 different and all with each its own character in terms of taste and texture. I use "Chocolate BONNAT" as a refference when I taste chocolate from other manufacturers.

Chocolate from BONNAT is the first chocolate I've tasted that does not contain soyalicitin. I discovered that soyalicitin, for Me, colors the chocolate flavor with a kind of overtones that are almost comparable with a slight tinitus. This does not happen with filled chocolate as the content of sugar is so large that it deafens the taste of soyalicitin.

I am aware of the conditions chocolate is produced under and must warn that some work is being done by children, sometimes in wretched conditions so check your favorite chocolate and find out how it is produced. I have been able to find satisfactory information on "Bougas Cocoa". One of my future projects is to find out about if Chocolate BONNAT is produced ethically defensible.

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