I can clearly remember the day I cracked the code for real and discovered that I could choose whatever I wanted to read.

From that day on I was a fixture at the school library. First in the department for small kids then for the big and when I was there, I helped putting the books back on the shelfs without other pay than what I could read.

My first real job was as an assistant at the main library.
My second job was in high school as manager of the bookdepot.

If not the music had gripped me, I would certainly have worked with books today.

I read virtually everything and are preferably captured by a good story.

At one point, I realised that I can only expect to read about 3,000 novels in my life, so it happens that I drop a book in the middle of it or do some rapid reading to get it finished.

Some of my reading projects I look forward to are: Arabic literature, African literature and more Classics

A small selection of authors I love:

Good readinglists from the Danish librarys netmagazine

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